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Lawrence, University of Kansas, Kenneth Spencer Research Library,  Pryce MS P2A:1
Description: 1 leaf - Guglielmo Libri, his sale, 28 March - 5 April 1859, lot 1118 (which consisted of 4 pages); Sir Thomas Phillipps; William H. Robinson Ltd., with characteristic inscriptions "11th century", "£3", and "16" encircled.
Notes:-Torn and abraded; a large hole through both sides in part of lines 8-9; several creases and stains.
Acknowledgments: - We thank Peter J. Kidd for the information on the Libri sale.
Number of Parts: 1 - Number of Images Available: 2
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Language: Latin; Old English Country: England Century: 100th

Part 1: f. 1r-v
Description: - Parchment - 301 x 210 mm - 20 long lines ruled in dry point with full-length, double vertical boundings; wide margins left for glosses, and a lot of space between lines planned for interlinear glosses
Country: EnglandCardinal point:
Region: West Midlands?City: Worcester?
Assigned Date: s. X/XISearchable Date Range: 990 - 1010
Dated by scribe: NoInscribed Date:
Document: NoNumber of Scribes:
Script: Caroline minuscule
Number of Texts: 1

Text 1: f. 1r-v
Title: Glossary
Language(s): Latin; Old English
Incipit: In superum mare
Explicit: Inter peccata reprobata
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