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Bloomington, Indiana University, Bloomington, Lilly Library at Indiana University,  Medieval and Renaissance 30
Description: ff. 213 (2 blank) - Bound in old burgundy velvet over pasteboards, one metal clasp (of two), gilt edges; in a fawn cloth case. - Ce livre est et appartient à Escuyer Charles Busnel, sieur de la Retardaye, 1645i and by descent in the Busnel family of Montoray, to Henri-Jacques-François Busnel (1774) and Françoise Busnel (1824), who in 1842 gave it to her niece Julie de Busnel; Librairie Belin, Paris, cat. 171 (1892), no. 1331; Elisabeth Ball 1897-1982), of Muncie, Indiana; part of her bequest to the Lilly Library, 1982.
Number of Parts: 1 - Number of Images Available: 2
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Language: French; Latin Country: France Century: 15th

Part 1: ff. 1-213v
Description: - Parchment - 230 x 163 mm - Collation: i12, ii8, iii4, iv–xiii8,xiv6, xv–xvii8, xviii10, xix–xxv8, xxvi7 [of 8, lacking iii, after fol. 203], xxvii6, with one catchword (fol. 200v); ruled in red ink, 14 lines, written-space 82 mm. by 51 mm.
Country: FranceCardinal point: west central
Region: Anjou?City: Angiers?
Assigned Date: s. XV2/4Searchable Date Range: 1425 - 1450
Dated by scribe: NoInscribed Date:
Document: NoNumber of Scribes: ;
Script: Liturgical textura
Artist(s): Limgourg and Rohan Master, in the style of
Figurative Decoration: 19 miniatures with full borders, showing Saint John on Patmos (fol. 13r, Gospel sequence), Saint Luke (fol. 15r, Gospel sequence), Saint Mark (fol. 17r, Gospel sequence, here called ‘Matthew’ in the rubric), Saint Matthew (fol. 19r, Gospel sequence, here called ‘Mark’ in the rubric), the Pietà (fol. 21r, Passion Sequence), the Annunciation (fol. 33r, Matins), the Visitation (fol. 54r, Lauds), the Nativity (fol. 67v, Prime), the Annunciation to the Shepherds (fol. 73r, Terce), the Magi (fol. 78v, Sext), the Presentation in the Temple (fol. 83v, None), the Flight into Egypt (fol. 88v, Vespers), the Coronation of the Virgin (fol. 97r, Compline), God enthroned, angels on each side, one with a chalice, one with the Commandments (fol. 111r, Penitential Psalms), the Crucifixion (fol. 131r, Hours of the Cross), Pentecost (fol. 138v, Hours of the Holy Ghost), a funeral in a chapel (fol. 145r, Office of the Dead), a laywoman kneeling before the Virgin and Child, commended by a female saint, probably Saint Katherine (fol. 196r, Quinze Joyes), and Saint Katherine (fol. 206r, suffrage).
Other Decoration: headings in red, illuminated initials and line-fillers throughout; every text page with a three-quarter illuminated border, by more than one hand
Notes: Two of the miniatures here are copied from compositions in the Belles Heures, or at least from drawings clearly based on the Limbourgs’ designs: The stance of the shepherd on fol. 73r, derives from fol. 52r of the Belles Heures. The Flight into Egypt (fol. 88v), with the Virgin and Child facing away from the viewer is taken quite closely from fol. 63r of the Belles Heures, where it illustrates Compline. A second source is the Grandes Heures de Rohan (BnF, ms lat.9471), probably made for Yolande herself and later owned by her son, King René d’Anjou. The angel attending Saint Matthew (fol. 19r) and Gabriel at the Annunciation (fol. 33r) are pure Rohan compositions, in profile, leaning forward, gazing upwards. The fantastic architecture of the Annunciation here, with its receding tiers of windows between the vaulting, reflects the corresponding design of the Rohan Hours, fol. 45r. The Rohan Master’s romantic orientalism is seen here too in details such as the anachronistic Islamic crescent on the rooftop of the house of Saint Mark, fol. 17r. Latin
Number of Texts: 1

Text 1: f. 1r-213r
Other Associate: Francoise Jullienne, on flyleaf.
Title: Book of Hours
Language(s): French; Latin
Notes: Use of Rome. The text comprises: a Calendar, in French (fol. 1r), with an entry for every day, including in red Saints Ivo (19 May), Denis (9 October) and Martin (11 November); the Gospel Sequences (fol. 13r); the Passion Sequence (fol. 21r); the Obsecro te (fol. 25r) and O intemerata (fol. 29r); the Hours of the Virgin [Use of Rome] (fol. 33r), ending with the Advent office (fol. 102v); the Penitential Psalms (fol. 111r) and Litany (including Saints Julian, Maurilus, Renatus, Gacian, Hilary, Benedict, Alban, Anthony, Louis, Egidius, Ivo, etc.); the Hours of the Cross (fol. 131r) and of the Holy Ghost (fol. 138v); the Office of the Dead (fol. 145r); the Quinze Joyes (fol. 196r) and the Sept Requêtes (fol. 203r, lacking opening), both in French; and a suffrage to Saint Katherine (fol. 206r); with a supplementary prayer in French on an added gathering on thinner parchment, Tres devote oroison et de grant indulgence a la glorieuse vierge marieifol. 208r), opening,“E tres doulce vierge pucelle marieiSonet 1956, p. 102, no. 565, from the Petites Heurestof the duc de Berry). 
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